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Premier Guitar reviews X-1 overdrive!
"Mulder Audio’s foray into overdrive, the X-1, has the beautifully made look of a pedal built to audiophile standards. Better still, is dishes heaps of dirty vintage-flavored goodness with a versatility that belies its streamlined design."
"The X-1 blended well with every amp and guitar combination I tried, thanks to its glowing transparency.
"The X-1 Overdrive delivers that coveted trifecta of overdrive traits: touch sensitivity, harmonic richness, and a wide gain range, from near-clean to filthy."

X-1 overdrive pedal VIDEO
"The build quality, musicality and mojo is strong in this one! It's super touch sensitive and you can chose between silicon and germanium diodes (or both!) which makes this overdrive pedal so versatile it's almost scary. With the Loud and Drive all the way up you move into fuzz territory. This pedal can be everything from an always on overdrive to a screaming fuzz pedal." Eirik Stordrange, Livingroom Gear Demos
Another X-1 overdrive pedal VIDEO
This one shows off more single note lead sounds through a Fano Alt de Facto PX6 guitar and Tone King Imperial 20th Anniversary amp. Eirik Stordrange, Livingroom Gear Demos

X-Pedal cables VIDEO
"Is it really worth it - spending extra cash on the more expensive guitar cables for your pedal board? YES! And I've never been more sure since I installed the X-cables from Mulder Audio. They are simply the best cables out there. And of course, they are yellow. Who wouldn't want yellow cables on their board?"
Eirik Stordrange, Livingroom Gear Demos
 X-1 gets rave review in the ToneQuest Report

"It’s hard to imagine a better sounding overdrive pedal… If overdriven sweet distortion is part of your sound, you need this pedal."

"Best pedal I have ever played. If I had to have only one pedal (God forbid) that would be it."... more


Vintage tone and audiophile quality, the X-1 offers unique flexibility and clarity with your guitars volume control. Provides plenty of gain and character while staying true to your guitars tone. Responds to your playing style and is extremely touch sensitive.

Introductory price $260

"Unquestionably the most sensitive, organic, "amp like" distortion pedal I've ever stomped upon."
J. Bumgarner Vero Beach, FL

"The X-1 is incredibly responsive.... it’s a Ferrari...."
M. Lowe, Denver, CO

Better Tone

Mulder Audio is pleased to announce our new line of speaker and stomp box cables. Mulder Audio X-Cables are specifically designed and optimized for musical instrument amplifiers. Our investigations into both the dielectric and mechanical properties of electrical materials has led to a breakthrough in cable technology.

X-Pedal - Stomp Box Cable

6" X-Pedal Cable

Speaker Cables:



12" X-Combo with Straight 1/4" Phone


36" X-Head/Cab with Straight 1/4" Phone


15" X-Jumper


Are you getting the best tone from your guitar amplifier? Almost all guitar and bass amps have a weak link -- the speaker cable. Even the finest boutique amplifiers usually include low-quality speaker cable that can suck the life out of your tone.

The Sound:

For the first time, a stunning openess and transparency is combined with a musical richness and harmonic complexity to create a complete and involving playing experience. You'll notice increased volume, definition, coherency and discover new details to your tone.

Exclusive features:

- Ultra-pure copper conductors are individually coated to create a true hermetic seal, maintaining their performance indefinitely

- Hand soldered terminations use advanced alloys with the best available connectors

- Available in both straight and right-angle " phone plug configurations with color coded clips for the speaker driver terminals

- No soldering necessary -- Simply unclip the old cable and clip in your new X-Cable

- Does not devalue vintage amps. Keep the original cable and re-install if you decide to sell your collectable piece

- 7-day trial period -- Try it for a week and if you're not 100% satisfied return the cable for a full refund

- Limited Lifetime Warranty

- Hand crafted in Colorado since 1994

X-Cable wire process

What customers are saying!

"I've been putting the X-1 through its paces since I got it. Used it for a show on Saturday night - all the guitar guys who frequent my shows gave me big complements on the tone. I'm excited about using it for some studio dates that I have coming up. So far I'm loving it, especially the germanium setting." John M, West Chester, PA

"Ultra speaker cable is easily the best sounding cable I've ever used."
Carter Gravatt, Carbon Leaf

"Hands down the best improvement I've ever heard for my tone..."
C.S. Meriden, CT

"I am very appreciative for Gary Mulder to send me a pedal interconnect cable to try out. I have used his speaker cables for a long time and believe they are the finest sounding available.The Mulder (X-Pedal cable) seemed to have the same effect as the speaker cables. I.e. greater clarity, lower noise floor, and bigger dynamic range. To me it seemes almost impossible that a 9" little interconnect would have any appreciable difference. But it does. Pretty amazing."
P.O. Fair Oaks, CA

"Tried a Mulder speaker cable recently at the 65amps shop. We compared it to another "high-end" cable that is a lot more expensive, as well as the standard grade speaker cable that most folks would use with this sort of amp. Very impressed with the Mulder. The Mulder is the standard I will use when comparing other speaker cables."
Richard Robinson -- 65amps

"In my 67 Deluxe the X-Cable produced some very immediate improvements. First - an overall increase in dynamic range. Brighter highs, but not harsh. Fatter lows, but not squishy. Everything clearer and more present. It seemed like the same kind of results you might get if you had just re-tubed the entire amp with matched set of NOS tubes, but just from a cable! The whole thing just seemed clearer and louder. I'm a full-time touring pro, and these cables will be going into my road amp - a Dr. Z Maz - very soon!"
Chris Soucy -- Sally Taylor / Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers

"I tested using 76 Hiwatt, 80s Marshall JCM 800 and Fender Bassman. The difference was instantly noticeable. Highs were crisper without harshness and overall dynamic range sounded much wider. Really a serious improvement! Like my amp needed to blow it's nose! Anyway, as I am sure you know, these cables speak for themselves and should be part of any serious tone-hounds rig!"
Bill Nash -- NashGuitars

"I got the 18" x-cable for my TIM combo and it is a DRAMATIC difference !! More open top - NICER smoother top end w/ any harsh frequencies just vanishing !! Nicer bottom - just overall a significantly CLEARER and more pleasing sound - transient response w/ a hard attack of my telecaster 's bridge pickup sounds smoother w/ out losing that KERRANG !!! I was so blown away - I yanked it out and put it in my '64 deluxe reverb and same thing - just simply better - NOTICEABLY !!!"
Dan Strain, Professional Guitarist -- Nashville

"I rewired my Matchless DC30 with the Mulders and couldn't believe my ears! Amazing what these cables did. The trademark Matchless swirl is more evident, the separation between the two different speakers increased and it's almost as if I play in stereo. Also, some of the rough edges are gone and the sound is more musical, flowing and together. Even though the frequency extension seems to have increased, this was not done by sacrificing sweetness and musicality. Nice!"
T.W. Athens Greece

I A/B'd the (high-end competitors) cable that came stock with the Carr Rambler with your X-Combo cable, and there was certainly more mid-range clarity, and woodiness to the tone. The top end is sweet and round, but never harsh, and the low end snap is just what I was looking for. I am very pleased to say the least!
D.V. Maspeth, NY

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